The images you see on Picture This Sister products were taken by my sister Heidi and her partner Tara, who met through their love of photography. They hail from opposite sides of the world – Heidi is from Melbourne, Australia and Tara is from Oakland, California. Sharing a vision to capture empowering and beautiful images of women, they formed In Her Image Photography, based in Petaluma, California. Their work focuses on capturing the strength, beauty and unique essence of each of their female clients. They are truly passionate about using their artistic approach to photography to change the way that women feel about themselves in images.

Heidi and Tara spend most of their days on location with clients. On any given day you might find them amidst rustic farms dotted with nostalgic barns; rolling hills covered in wild flowers; urban industrial corners of surrounding cities and sometimes at the very edge of a breathtaking coastal cliff. These incredible backdrops are the inspiration for the images here at Picture This Sister.

They are thrilled to be able to offer you a “sneak peek” into their world, outside of their daily work through In Her Image Photography and into their collection of fine art photography.


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